0395.ch Lore: why 0395?

January 3, 2023

0395, or 395 for short. Here are relevant facts about that number:

  • It is divisible by other 4 integers: 1, 5, 79 and 395. Their sum is 480, which has all of its numerals as dividable by 2 (and is dividable by 2 itself), and 2 is my lucky number;
  • In base-36, it can be written as “AZ”, which is pretty cool;
  • In binary, it is written as 110001011;
  • If you convert it to seconds, it is equivalent to 6 minutes and 35 seconds, which hopefully should be about how long it takes you to read any post in this website;
  • In 395BC, the Corinthian War began, fought between Athens and its allies against Sparta;
  • In 395AD, a lot happened in the Roman Empire; Emperor Theodosius I died, causing the Empire to be divided between Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire, based in Constantinople, and this would later cause the fall of Rome and the beginning of the Dark Ages;
  • In Numerology and Mysticism, 395 is a number which indicates growth and prosperity (the Romans probably wouldn’t believe that).

By the way: it’s my month and year of birth (March 1995).