Blogdynamic v2 now in Beta!

February 18, 2024

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I have decided to modify the overall looks of the blog, by rewriting a good part of the custom theme I built that powers it. Not that I don’t like the old style, but I wanted to go for something more that’s more out-of-the-box in terms of design. And I’ve always found those blocky pages to be very well organized and intuitive, thus I decided to adopt the same philosophy here.

Of course, I am still ironing out some bugs, and the reason that this is considered still a beta is because there are certain functionalities that I wish to implement that will take more time. But alas – it is here, as I vaguely hinted in my previous post.

Overall, I’ve strived to maintain the same philosophy as the original theme: simple, lightweight, no frills, no elements popping up out of nowhere. Just a simple page that shows stuff and works. There are going to be some new tricks in here though that were not present in v1, like a theme switcher (dark mode/light mode – you’re seeing light mode right now), and maybe even Customizer options. Maybe it’s time to make this theme more friendly towards any other person who decides to use it – not that I make it “hard to use”, it’s actually extremely simple, but it’s essentially tailored with this blog and my particular tastes in mind. Maybe a little more customizations could be interesting. Who knows.

Github for Blogdynamic here: