Long Live Personal Blogs!

January 1, 2023

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Not many people know that I actually really love writing. As long as it is something I am interested in, I can write lines and more lines of text and probably never run out of things to say. Which is strange, because people who know me in real life know that I am not the most talkative person. I am known for being quite boring, in fact. Thus why this blog exists: so I can express thoughts the way I like.

A blog? In 2023?”

Social Media platforms, as they are right now, don’t offer proper support for those who enjoy text. There are certain character limitations in some major platforms, and in the last few years Social Media became much more video-based than text-based. Mind you, as any regular person, I watch and listen to a lot of YouTube music and podcasts while working – but when social media titans are prioritizing one type of content (videos), then by definition that means other types are left behind.

Also, in terms of interaction, the endless stream of algorithm-selected posts in your feed tend to keep you inside an echo chamber of disconnected, uncontextualized, hastily exposed thoughts. So that well-collected thought you have written about something you care about is buried in an endless sea of TikTok dances, Twitter people acting as the moral police of everything, or Instagram people posting heavily photoshopped images of their faces and body parts.

I am not a psychologist, but I strongly suspect all of this isn’t sustainable from the perspective of a healthy mind, for both content creators and the people who consume such content. All of that doesn’t happen when you have your own space – thus, this blog. I hope that pretty soon, personal blogs will make a strong comeback, like everything else from the 90s and 2000s did.

Certainly, not everything about social media is bad, and I already have a text under way discussing how blogs and social media can coexist with no problem.

I don’t expect to make money off this, nor I’m starting this with the wish to attract millions of visitors. Think of it as an IT person from the 21st century documenting thoughts, history, and opinions for future archeologists – digital or not.


By simply having opened this page, I am already grateful to you, the reader, for showing some interest in what I say. I hope that even if at moments we do not agree on certain views, from my part, you can expect at least the very basic human decency, which seems to be increasingly rare these days. See you soon!

PS: a note for developers and technology people

Because of my hope and belief that personal blogs will make a return someday in the future – the WordPress theme this blog uses is licensed under GPL v3 and you can check it out in my Github: https://github.com/estevaojneto/blogdynamic (Also: “BlogDynamic” is quite mouthful. Suggestions for a better theme name are welcome!)
Edit 07 January 2023: relicensed from GPLv2 to GPLv3, better do it while I’m the only one using it!